Trauma Recovery And Resiliency Training

Have you ever marveled at how some people no matter what happens seam to be unfazed and continue to move forward in life?  How they seam to have a built in resiliency that allows them to see the bigger picture and not get swallowed up by their life circumstanes?  So have I!  But the great thing is that we can all build skills to be resilient and deal with the trauma experiences we all go through.  We all go through periods of trauma in our lives.  Trauma doesnt always have to be completely life altering like surving abuse or a natural disaster.  Trauma is anything that affects our life and throws things out of balance.  When this happens we do the best we can to survive and cope.  Unfortunately we dont always have the skills to handle these traumas in a healthy way.  And this is complicated even further by the fact that the brain and the body process and are affected by trauma in different ways.  In order to become healthy and stable again after a trauma experience we need to treat both the brain and the body.  With this in mind we will work toward reconnecting your body and brain but first off understanding the seperation and its affect on your life and then teaching you skills on how to manage your body sensations and be able to process their affect on your life.  You can take control over your emotions and develop the resilience that you need to not just survive but thrive through your life experience; and I can teach you how!

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