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Life is a journey; A sometimes treacherous and dangerous journey within oneself and the world. This journey often leaves substantial and life altering scars on a person. In the process of surviving life we all develop coping skills used to manage the difficulties, hard times, traumas, and daily occurrences. Unfortunately a lot of times these coping skills are not always healthy and positive for us in the long run, but are incredibly necessary to survive some intense times in our life. Yet in surviving we forge a pattern of coping in a certain way, a pattern that once these ways of coping become less healthy for us is hard to break. All of this can leave us as wounded people, battered and worn by the realities of life. It can take that inner beauty and hide it behind scars and trauma and baggage that can make us wonder what the point is, why am I here, and why do I keep going on.

The great news is that those wonderful parts of a person that are hiding by the difficulties of life are still there! We just need to find them and bring them out. Each and every person is gifted with so many wonderful qualities and things about them and their unique individuality is so vital to their success and ability to thrive in the world. In therapy we set forth on an adventure of rediscovering who you really are and deciding who you most want to be. We work to access your highest level of you! The you that is aching to get out and breathe the fresh air and feel the warmth of the sun on its skin! The you that the world and even more so you yourself need to meet! And now is the time.

You are only steps away from becoming this version of you. Together we can provide space for you to come to fruition and become more of your daily reality. We will raise awareness within you about the realities of your being and then allow you to choose where you are headed and who you most want to be. You have the complete control in overcoming your past, your old life survival skills, your trauma; and moving on to the brighter more colorful tomorrow of your existence.

You have already started this journey on your own; now let me join you and walk beside you and see where your future takes us. Together we can build and reveal a bright and wonderful future and allow you to be you that you desperately are longing to be!

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